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At Blackjacket Munitions we have an onsite gunsmith with over 40 years of experience and extensive knowledge on modern and historic firearms. WW2? WW1? Civil War? If we can find the parts, we can fix it.

We are also a Class 7 manufacturer, and will work on all legal automatic weapon systems

All our gunsmithing is done in-house, providing fast turnaround and eliminating worries about shipping your firearms to somebody else.

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Basic  Services

> Scope Mounting $15 or (Free WIth Purchase of gun or scope)

> Bore Sighting $15 ( Free With Purchase of gun or scope)

> Gun Cleaning $15

> Sonic Cleaning for Bolts & Trigger Groups $30

> Labor Rate $50 HR

Other services offered

  • Drilling & tapping, sight installs
  • Barrel threading, crowning, lapping, chambering
  • Trigger work/tune and installs
  • Custom machining and welding
  • Choke installation and removal
  • Appraisals
  • Tactical accessory installs
  • Gun Restorations
  • Stock modifications
  • Specialty work
  • Custom  AR-15 manufacturing
  • Custom painting, duracote, and blueing
  • Engraving